Normal vodka
We have created the normal vodka “Vozdukh” for all people. The purity of “Vozdukh” is very important to us. Find out how we protect our “Vozdukh”.
Normal cap
For the normal vodka “Vozdukh”, we have created a normal cap so you could normally unscrew it.
In order to quite normally ensure the normal quality of “Vozdukh” vodka, we put normal watermarks on the label.
Guard band
When the normal cap of “Vozdukh” vodka is unscrewed, a red stripe indicates that everything is fine.
We need help to create the Normal  Glass.
We will make it worth your while!
You have answers to the questions, we have  — cool bonuses. Deal? Then answer the first and the most і important  question:
Are you 18 years old?